Adult Connect - Wednesday Night

Wednesday Night Connection Groups for Adults

Williams Lake Couponers
 - Kayla Voorheis (Foyer) - 5:30pm

Come save with us!  We'll show you the weekly deal and even provide the coupons for you - all you have to do is shop at one store a week for 15 minutes total.  We also need coupon clippers - so bring your scissors and come join the fun!

Dive Deep Bible Study - Pastor Dan Wine (Room 9) - 7pm

Join us as we dig into the book of Matthew and discover who Jesus is, what He has said about Kingdom life, and how we can live as His disciples.

Sanctuary Choir - Pastor Josh Woods (Sanctuary) - 7pm

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord!  Join us as we prepare to lead worship in the Celebration Service through song!  No prior choral experience necessary - if you can sing, we want you with us!  Music is provided -- so bring your Bible and your voice and come ready to sing with us!

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts - Karen DeVault (Conference Room) - 7pm

This empowering study will help you define and develop your God-given gifts, and learn ways to deploy them for the greatest impact in God's Kingdom.  You will also have the opportunity to take a Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  All adults welcome.

Every Man a Warrior 1 - Gary Bejin (Room 12) - 7pm
Every Man a Warrior 3 - Terry DeVault (Room 10) - 7pm

Men are losing the battles of life!  According to research from George Barna, 40% of Christian men will divorce, half will look at porn, and their children are leaving the church in record numbers.  Few men are equipped to face these challenges of life they fight on a daily basis.  No main wants to fail!  This course is designed to equip men with the essential skills to fight and win the battles of life.  Join us as we learn how God can strengthen us for the battle.

Ladies' Group - Samantha Hubarth and Jaime Werth (Room 11) - 7pm

Join us for a 5 session video called In the Dust of the Rabbi by Ray Vander Laan.  He will guide us through the land of the Bible in a historical, geographical and cultural context, which is filmed in the Middle East. Please join us in following a Rabbi, drink in his words, and be covered with the dust of his feet.

The Gift of God (Women's Group) - Cindy Anderson (Gym) - 7pm

Please plan on joining us for this 8-week study as we journey through the story of Christmas through the eyes of the people who experienced it firsthand.  This year, we will me making beautiful family keepsake wreaths.  Cost: $25 per person.  (Begins October 5)